3 – Ply Surgical Facemask: 85gsm (Melt-blown layer)


This 3ply surgical facemask is usually made up of a melt-blown polymer polypropylene, placed
between the non-woven fabric. It creates a barrier between the physical contaminants in the
atmosphere and the respiratory system, mostly worn by professionals.
Product details:
• Three Layers of protection (85gsm): 35gsm outer spunbond PP blue, 25gsm Meltblown
fabric middle layer, 25gsm inner spunbond.
• More than 95% of particle filtration efficiency for particles less than 0.3 um.
• Nose pin for an ergonomic fit.
• Please note: GSM stands for grams per square meter. It defines the weight/thickness of the
surgical mask.


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